Pastoral Council

At-Large Members:

Patti Marashian                (President)

Ngoc Mai Chau      (Junior Member)

Ian Bosque           (Junior Member)

Carrie Bosque

Gerard Waterman    (Secretary)

Deb Burke

Al Nofri

Maureen Zumpano     (Vice President)

Betty Trinh

Terry Lutz


Ex- Officie Members:
Rev. Thomas R. Servatius                Pastor

Annette Gape                                     Faith Formation Director

Sister Elizabeth Greim                    Outreach Pastoral Care

Sister Paula Mayer                           Outreach 

Dave Bishop                                      Trustee

Pat Marthage                                   Trustee


Each year the Scholarship Committee of the Pastoral Council awards a $1000.00 scholarship to a member of the high school graduating class of Historic St. John’s. Printable forms are available here.